Among them Hide N Seek 2 GamePlay:

Hidden time for Among US. It #39;s still peek-a-boo. In this maze, use baffles to hide. Dodge the catchers and get as many mobile diamonds as possible. Or be a captor and find out the hidden ones!

It rsquo;s time to hide or it rsquo;s time to seek. No matter you are a seeker or a hider, try to do your best to win each match in Among Them Hide N Seek 2. Play this game and other ones for free at!

When you play hide and seek with your friend, do you want to become a seeker or a hider? Among Us characters arrive Among Them Hide N Seek 2 and want you to join them in some hide and seek matches. Here at ABCya 3 free, you can choose to become a seeker or a hider on each level. It means you are not tied to a single role throughout the game.

In each match, if you are a seeker you have to find all hiders within 25 seconds. You can see them anywhere. It likes they become invisible people but sometimes they will leave a trace when they run. You quickly come to that position and you may catch one of them. As a hider, you can see every single player in the maze.

You have 5 seconds to find a hiding place. Make use of baffles in the maze to hide and quickly change the position when the seeker approaches you. On ABCya 3 games, the battle has no weapons or explosives but it rsquo;s thrilling. The suspense will envelop you, especially if you are a hider. Whoever you are, make sure you collect diamonds in each level to buy something fun in the store. If you succeed in finding all the hiders or escape safely from the seeker, you will enter the next round.

The design of the maze is different at each level. This makes your gaming experience always fresh. The timer is running. Be quick and have fun. On our site, there are tons of games that you will love. Some of the best ones are nbsp;Among U Red Imposter nbsp;and nbsp;Among Stacky Runner Use your mouse to move.

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