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It ’s Not a Slide, It ’s a Track! provides a super entertaining and hilarious answer to the question, “What if we took away all those pushy lifeguards at the waterpark? ” Not only do you not have to wait a whole 30 seconds after the person in front of you goes on the slide, but you can even race them! That ’s the entire point of this online io game, in fact. As soon as your back hits that slick surface, you ’ve got twenty people to pass up before you make it to the bottom. This has got to be the biggest waterslide in the world, so you have plenty of time to squeak by your competitors, but you have to be quick! Make it to the bottom first, and celebrate with an awesome slow-mo backflip!

Easy to Play, Hard to Win

This is one of those titles that takes five seconds to “learn, ” but much longer to master, which is why we love it. The control setup is very simple. Simply move left and right to slip by other sliders. It ’s kind of like passing a racecar. If you ’re good at making split-second decisions, you ’ll be able to weave in and out of those unsuspecting sliders like they ’re traffic cones. If you guess the wrong way, you might get jammed up and lose the race. There is one much riskier method to getting ahead, however, that we discovered on accident. And boy, are we glad we did! Be warned, though a;ndash; it ’s not for anyone with a fear of heights a;hellip;

This Shortcut Blew Our Minds

So, as you already know, you can shimmy your hips from side to side to help get around other sliders. If you lean really far to one side, however, you will go shooting off the lip of the slide and soaring through the air! That ’s right, you can launch your character out of the slide, and we absolutely love it. Now, don ’t worry, you have a paraglider that will help you float around, but only for a few seconds. If you really want to win, shoot off the slide, float ahead, and land back on at a farther point. That ’s how you get first place! If you ’re not careful, though, that ’s also how you go flying hundreds of feet into the ocean. See, we said it was risky!

Who Doesn ’t Love .Io Games?

Ever since someone made the call to turn the .io (which stands for Indian Ocean, by the way) space into a gamer ’s paradise, we ’ve seen nothing but fun games like this hit the scene. Out of respect for all the great .io games online, we ’ve made an entire Io games category for you to enjoy. As always, it ’s free, and you can find real people to play with or against. The games cover tons of genres and playstyles, so there ’s something for everyone. We know you ’re dying to go flying off that slide, though, so give a try and sail into first place!

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