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Everyone wants to show off some healthy and sparkling white teeth when smiling in pictures just like the famous celebrities have but the truth is girls that a perfect smile is easy to get just follow the instructions provided in our super crazy Bad Teeth Makeover game and you will surely get not only some clean teeth but also some healthy and very good looking ones and a fresh breath too Just pay a great attention and learn how to properly do your regular dental hygiene then dont forget about the regular checkup at the dentist and you are almost there Today we are going to introduce you an extremely beautiful girl who has a big problem her teeth arent in the best shape so she has decided to contact you her super talented personal dentist and ask you to help her out a bit Our brand new Bad Teeth Makeover game will start with a short visit at the dentist you because only him can help us and remove the calculus deposits from the teeth Once the scaling session is complete you get to choose from three professional toothpastes the one youd like to try for the whitening session Use the mouse to move the toothbrush up and down and brush the girls teeth for about three minutes then use some fresh water to rinse the foam and feel free to continue the whitening session with the next step Apply two chic braces as well so she can have not only a bright smile but also a perfect teeth One year later you will remove the braces and the only thing she needs to deal with is the make up look and the outfit she is going to choose to accessorize her celebrity smile up with Start the total transformation session with a fun hairstyling session and choose a new hairdo for her brand new look then use your favorite colors to create the best make up look ever making sure you select a bold red lipstick color or maybe a sweet pinkish one for her lips Choose a colorful outfit to dress her up with on such a hot summer day and then accessorize her brand new look with glittering earrings and a matching necklace Oh and dont forget to remind her to SMILE Is the best thing she can do after this long beauty session Have a great time girls


mouse and finger

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