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Become a World-Famous Baller in Basket Champs!

Conquering the playground court is one thing, but in Basket Champs, you get the chance to become the world ’s best. Throw on that lucky jersey and hit the court for the biggest tournament you ’ve ever seen. Represent your nation and move through the ranks as you swish shot after shot. It ’s horse style: whoever can make the most out of five wins! If you tie the opposing team, it ’s time for a nail-biting round of sudden death.

Wait, Is the Basket Supposed to Do That?

Oh, did we forget to mention that the hoop will move in this game? That ’s right, the farther you make it in this tournament, the more the basket will move. Up, down, left, right, you never know. Take your time lining up your shot, because each one could make the difference between worldwide fame and a terrible loss! Can ’t get enough stomping around on the court? Try our basketball games category for other amazing games. Before that, though, let ’s see if you can prove yourself as a Basket Champs legend!

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