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Captain Hangman Does Things a Bit Differently a;hellip;

We know that when you hear the word “hangman ” and “game ” in the same sentence, you picture a rope, but this free Captain Hangman game is putting a fun pirate twist on the classic you already love. The objective of this unblocked game is to guess the letters in a word without getting too many guesses wrong. If you get too many wrong, you ’ll be forced to walk the plank! And stinky pirates make for great shark food.

You Win Some, You Lose Some

This unblocked game is all about knowing how to guess. It ’s usually helpful to guess vowels first, because almost every word has a;lsquo;em. Then you can fill in with the rest of the letters. Just remember, you won ’t win every time, but as long as you keep playing, all your wins will count toward your score. We got to 9 before we quit because we felt bad for our poor pirate friend. How far will you make it in Captain Hangman, scurvy lad?

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