Cyber Soldier GamePlay:

Not Quite Man, Not Quite Machine a;hellip;

We ’re not quite sure what ’s under that fancy-looking armor, but we ’re too afraid of the Cyber Soldier to ask. Maybe he ’s a robot that has been layered with organic material to look like a man. Maybe he ’s a man who was given robotic enhancements to fight like a killing machine. Either way, he ’s a combat expert like the world has never seen. As the Cyber Soldier, your job is to blast and bludgeon your way through hordes of clunky and metallic enemies. They aren ’t exactly “organic ” either. It ’s a real war of technology in this high-stakes action game, and the only way for you to survive is to eliminate everyone else, run and jump through deadly environments and make your way to the goal.

Enjoy Futuristic Cyber Soldier Combat and Environments

We ’ve all seen classic “shoot-em-up ” titles before, but we love Cyber Soldier because of the space-aged theme. It adds a nice layer of variety to the usual run-and-gun play style. Instead of some muscled-up commando or gun-slinging cowboy (even though both of those are awesome), your character seems like a time-traveling techno warrior sent to wipe out an entire army of enemy cyber soldiers. From the sound your blaster makes to the high-tech levels that you ’re fighting your way through, everything about this game seems so futuristic, and we love it. Of course, you won ’t get to enjoy it for too long if you can ’t fight your way out, so let ’s go over some pro tips to staying alive.

Grab Resources to Survive

First and foremost, take a look around. Your gun can only hold a charge for so long, so you will have to find some more power cells if you want to keep blasting. What ’s more, you can also grab health whenever you need it. We recommend waiting until you ’re low on resources to seek out these power-ups, because once they ’re gone, that ’s it! And trust us, you don ’t want to be backed into a corner by an enemy tank when all you have is a couple shots left and a small blip of health - it won ’t end well for you. Charge at that bucket of bolts with a fully revved up blaster and a full health bar, however, and you just may send it to the scrap pile in true Cyber Soldier fashion.

The Only Way Out is Through

Each level in Cyber Soldier has an end goal, but if you find your way there only to be denied by a closed door, it means you still have work to do. The key is held by a level boss, and you ’ll need more than a few lucky pot shots to bring this baddie down. Remember those power-ups we were talking about? This is who you ’re saving them for. We recommend that you take out all the little guys first, take a few pot shots at the boss, run away, stock up on health and ammo, and then finish him off! Good luck, Cyber Soldier.

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