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They ’re Smarter Than They Look, You Know

Those 8-foot-tall, thousand-pound velociraptors may seem like mindless killing machines, but they ’re actually really clever! In Dinosaur World Hidden Eggs, you ’ll find that out the hard way. These tricky and terrifying lizards have hidden their eggs all over the place in this dinosaur game Jurassic world version, and you have to find them. It ’s time to get out that magnifying glass and start looking, because these eggs are very well-hidden. Each level is like a scene filled with Jurassic world game dinosaurs. The brightly colored eggs won ’t just jump out at you a;ndash; you have to keep a sharp eye out with that magnifying glass.

Explore Your Favorite Scenes and Race Against the Clock

Oh, by the way, did we mention that each of these Dinosaur games Jurassic world levels is putting you against the clock? That ’s right, you only have a few minutes to find dozens of eggs on each level. As the clock ticks away, you will have to frantically search and re-search areas of the scene, because they will pop up in random places! The faster you can find those eggs, the more stars you can earn, so make sure you don ’t dilly-dally.

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