Dream Wedding GamePlay:

The Bells Are Ringing!

By “bells, ” of course, we mean wedding bells in this Dream Wedding online game! So far, the big day is just as amazing as you pictured it. Your adoring husband calls you to make sure you don ’t have cold feet, and how could you? He ’s gorgeous! You do have a whole lot of stuff to do before you can skip your way down that aisle and embrace the man of your dreams, so it ’s time to get to it. Wait, where did you put those car keys a;hellip;?

Customize Your Perfect Dream Wedding from Head to Toe

Before you can even think about trying on that fabulous dress (or ten of them), you have to grab your tiara, keys, shoes, and everything else you need a;ndash; and hurry, or you ’ll be late! Your job as the player is to quickly look around the princess ’s room to find these items so you can have everything you need for the big day. Then, you get to deck out this beautiful bride in dozens of dazzling accessories and garments, from hair, to dress, to shoes. All that ’s left in this dream wedding game is to trot down that aisle, give that blue-eyed hunk a smooch, and take pictures with your friends!

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