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Thought It Couldn ’t Get Dumber? It Did!

If you thought all that minigame mayhem from the first Dumb Ways to Die was the end of it, think again, because in Dumb Ways Die 2, you ’re back at it for another go! That ’s right, you ’re running, jumping, swimming, and doing whatever else it takes to avoid a very violent and unpleasant death. In all of these minigames, you only have a couple of seconds to make your move, just like the first one, so make sure to read the instructions carefully and don ’t waste any time. Never played the first one? Let ’s catch you up.

Why We Love the Sequel

Before this particular Dumb Ways 2 Die game, there was an original that played in a similar way, but not exactly the same. In both games, this is the concept: your character is doing something dangerous, and they need to act quickly in order to survive. In Dumb Ways 2, for example, you might find yourself being tailed by a pack of hungry piranhas as you are swimming, so you have to speed up or die! Why is this Dumb Ways 2 Die game even more fun than the one that came before it? Read on.

The New Map System

If you play the original and then play Dumb Ways to Die 2, you ’ll realize that the sequel is a little less random. Now, instead of just having the minigames thrown at you, you can travel to different attractions within the game park and try minigames in sets of 4. You still don ’t know which of the four you ’re going to get, but they are all grouped by fun themes. In “Freezerville, ” for example, you have to slam windows shut and avoid falling into holes in the frozen pond so you don ’t freeze to death!

Earn Stars

Another thing we enjoy about Dumb Ways to Die 2 games is the scoring system. Now, instead of just “dying or not dying, ” you can judge your performance in these minigames by another rating system. Each location in the park has a three-star maximum score. If you can score enough points by surviving enough times, you ’ll earn that brag-worthy three star rating! Of course, you only have three lives, and as you play along, the games continue to speed up. The farther along you make it in these Dumb Ways to Die 2 games, the harder it is!

What Will It Be: Dumb or Crazy?

Look, we ’re not calling you dumb or crazy, but sometimes, it ’s fun to play dumb games, and other times, it ’s fun to play crazy games. Thought it didn ’t get any crazier than Dumb Ways to Die 2 games? Well then, we challenge you to make it through this crazy games category without losing your mind just a little bit. The best part about all these zany and ridiculous games? You never know what to expect, so you can never be prepared! It ’s all about being spontaneous and random. Just jump in and see what happens. Isn ’t that what life is all about?

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