Farting Pig GamePlay:

Phew a;ndash; What Did You Put in the Slop?

We all know pigs can be a little bit a;hellip;unhygienic, but this Farting Pig game takes it to a completely different level. Our porky protagonist has clearly had himself a large meal in the recent past, and now he can ’t stop tooting! His flatulence is so strong, in fact, that it is propelling him into the air like a rocket on takeoff. On a normal farm, this wouldn ’t be too big of a deal, but in Farting Pig, there ’s a problem (or two). First and foremost, the sky is falling! Secondly, you ’re on a tiny, rotating farm that keeps trying to knock you off the edge.

Farting Pig Pro Tips

Alright, we ’re going to help you out with some Farting Pig game instructions and tips from the experts. First and foremost, master your rolling. You can ’t control the pig farting, but you can keep him from falling off the edge of the farm as it rotates by rolling from edge to edge a;ndash; almost like a log-rolling contest. Pay close attention to which way the farm is spinning, and roll in the opposite direction to avoid falling off a;ndash; make sense? If the farm spins left, you roll right, and vice versa.

Hug the Corners

As that farm begins to spin faster and faster because of all the flying debris that keeps smacking into it, you will quickly see that rolling isn ’t always enough to keep up. If you get too far behind, you won ’t be able to roll up the side because of the steep angle. We recommend that you stay close to the corners at all times. That way, when it ’s time to roll on to the next edge, you don ’t have far to go at all. Oh man, we almost forgot the most important of the Farting Pig game rules a;ndash; eating!

Eye on the Sky

You may be tempted to keep your eye on our gassy sow as you scramble to stay on level ground, but there ’s no point to staying alive in this game if you don ’t earn points. Where do the points come from? The same place as all that pesky debris that ’s raining down on you a;ndash; the sky. Look for flying vegetables (not apples) and gobble them up whenever you can. Each one is a point. Once you fill the meter up, you unlock a new falling item. Yayyy, more stuff to dodge!

Keep it Moving

The final tip we have for you when it comes to the Farting Pig game is to keep it moving. Even if you ’re doing a good job staying by the corner, and even if the farm is barely spinning, you want to keep rolling from side to side a little bit. Why? Well, if you stay in the same spot for too long, you ’ll get buried by falling debris! Then, when you really need to move your bacon, you won ’t be able to get out. Good luck with this Farting Pig game a;ndash; we ’re sure you will have a “blast. ”

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