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Spin with Style in Fidget

We all know how much fun fidget spinners are to twirl around in your hand, but Fidget takes it to the next level. What if your fidget spinner could battle others in a futuristic online game? Thanks to this awesome .io masterpiece, it can! From the very first second of gameplay, your spinner is doing it ’s thing while enemies lurk nearby. It ’s neon color scheme clashes brilliantly against the studded black floor of the arena. Combined with the pulsing, futuristic music and the beautiful blur created by all that spinning, this makes for a really awesome gameplay experience. This is one of those games where you can just float around the arena and enjoy the view, even if you don ’t play to win! Speaking of, we have plenty of other fidget spinner games for you to enjoy. In fact, we ’ve got an entire fidget spinner games category ready to go!

It ’s All About the Energy!

In this .io fidget spinner game, your job is to direct your spinner where you want it to go and try to pick up those energy orbs whenever you can. The energy orbs will allow you to spin faster and faster, increasing the size of the “tail ” of light dragging behind you. If you see an opponent coming after you, head the other way and let them hit your tail! This is how you eliminate the competition, earn points, and become the .io champion in this fidget spinner game. This means that you have to watch out for their tails too, so be very careful. After just a round or two of online .io action, you ’ll be hooked for sure! Don ’t get too sucked in, though, because we have a fully stocked category of .io games for you to enjoy. Alright then, on to the Fidget battlefield for ultimate bragging rights!

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