Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers GamePlay:

A super fun Ragdoll fighting game is beginning with the Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers game! The game is either played as a single player or two player. That #39;s why what about calling a friend for a two player gaming before starting the game? In each fight, the one who scores 5 wins the game.

Enter the ring and knock down your opponent with your amazing techniques and powerful punches. Are you able to get the title of the best wrestler in Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers at!

Playing game is for entertainment and your gaming experience becomes much more enjoyable when you play game with your friend, right? Here at ABC ya 3, let rsquo;s welcome a fun fighting game for 2 players named Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers. It will give you a great gaming time for sure.

You can fight against the computer opponent or invite one of your friends and have a battle against him. 2-player mode is much more fun. Let rsquo;s get into the gameplay. Well, your aim is nothing but punching the enemy until he runs out of HP to win 3 among 5 rounds in total.

The ring that you and your opponent step on is not the normal one. It rsquo;s full of deadly traps. If you are repelled by your opponent #39;s attacks and touch those traps behind your back, you will lose more health. So does your opponent. Then, one of the most useful tips you should apply in this cool game on free ABCya3 nbsp;is that attack continuously to push the opponent towards the traps behind him.

You have to do it as quickly as you can to not give your opponent a chance to counterattack. Make sure you block your opponent rsquo;s attack when you see that there #39;s a chance he #39;ll use this tactic to take you down. You can use the head hit when its bar is charged fully to give out more damage. A round ends once a wrestler is knocked out. As mentioned above, playing against the computer is fun but it rsquo;s much more competitive and amazing if your opponent is a real player. So why don rsquo;t you invited a friend to join this game with you? After experiencing dramatic boxing fights, you can deal with new challenges found in nbsp; nbsp;and nbsp;Wrestle Online, nbsp;Drunken Wrestle

How to play:

  • Player 1: W/S to move forward/backward, A/D to punch, and E to make head hits.
  • Player 2: Up/down arrow keys to move forward/backward, Left/right to punch, and right Shift to make head hits.

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