Halloween Smash Land GamePlay:

Whatever You Do, Don ’t Touch the Ground!

You ’ve probably played this type of online game, but Halloween Smash Land is different for a couple of reasons. First, let ’s review the gameplay and objective. Your job in this free to play puzzle solver is to get our precariously perched main character (and possibly other characters) from his original position to the final platform by breaking pillars and bricks in the way. Make sure he falls onto the platform WITHOUT touching the ground, or else you lose!

Halloween Smash Land Is a Shape-Shifting Success

So, what makes this free to play game different, you ask? First of all, there ’s a terrifying tapestry of scary Halloween scenes in the background, so there ’s that. Also, you can change your character from a square to a circle again for even more creative gameplay! Need him to roll? Circle. Need him to land flat and stay put? Square. Happy smashing in Halloween Smash Land!

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