Hangman Capitals Cities GamePlay:

Who Says Trivia Can ’t Be Life-Saving?

If you ’re the one blurting out the answer before anyone else can, especially when it comes to geography questions, then you just might have what it takes to save a life in this online Hangman Capitals Cities game. The idea is simple: you submit letters in an attempt to guess the capital city. For each wrong guess, you come closer to hanging an innocent man! First, it ’s the support beam. Then, the noose. Then, well, you know.

Hangman Capitals Cities Is a Geography Buff ’s Paradise

We love this free and unblocked game because it adds a layer of excitement and suspense that most geography/trivia games can ’t touch. You won ’t find yourself nodding off like with those silly flash card drills here! Besides, it ’s a great incentive to help you learn and memorize new capitals from around the world. Each time you play this free game, you ’ll be saving lives and building your brain up at the same time. Ready to show off your brainpower in Hangman Capitals Cities?

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