Hardest Parking GamePlay:

Trust Us, the Name Is Earned

Finding your way to a parking spot in a crowded lot is tricky enough, but in Hardest Parking unblocked, it ’s nearly impossible! Not only do you have to weave in and out of cargo containers, dummy targets, shrubs and more, you have to line your car up in the spot absolutely perfectly AND hold it there for three seconds. If you so much as graze anything on the way, you can kiss that three-star rating goodbye.

How to Avoid the “Hardest Parking Headache ”

You may or may not find yourself cursing your device in this free to play game, but never fear, because we ’re here with some tips. First and foremost, don ’t just floor it the whole time. Yes, you ’re timed, but you ’ll never get three stars if you bump even one object. Next, don ’t be afraid to pop it in reverse if you ’re heading in a bad direction. Finally, and this is the biggest one for this surprisingly fun online game, breathe deeply and think happy thoughts!

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