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Mini Golf Adventures Is Full of Surprises!

Even the zaniest and most challenging of courses can ’t compete with Mini Golf Adventures unblocked, the game that adds several layers of complexity onto this classic genre. In this online version, you have to make it in the hole under par, collect gems, AND use never-before-seen features if you want three stars! We ’re talking high-powered magnets (to collect gems more easily), teleporters, and more.

It ’s All About the Bounce

If you ’re going to make your way around each hole, grab the gems, and hit the features you need to hit, you will definitely have to master the bounce. Take a look at the course before you putt, and you should find the best path to get all of this done. It ’s okay if you ’re a perfectionist, because this free to play game has graced us with the merciful restart button. Let ’s get three stars on every single Mini Golf Adventures hole!

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