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Secure as much ground as you can. Be the bigget on the playing field.

Dekstop Controls

Use your mouse to move around in the game

From a Single Piece of Paper to a Massive Empire!

In this Paper Io Game, you ’re nothing but a humble little square, scooting your way around the gameboard to cover it in colored paper. Sounds pretty laid back, right? Wrong! You aren ’t the only one who is interested in occupying this space. In Paper Io online, you ’re going head-to-head with real players who are trying to expand their colored paper empires at the same time. You start out with a tiny circle, and your one job is to make it as big as possible by tracing additional pieces onto it. You can ’t add on to your “base ” until you have brought your traced line back to it. If you run into another player in the field, well, at least one of you isn ’t walking away!

Don ’t Worry, Paper io Is Unblocked

Before we break down just how fun and addictive this Paper-Io game is, we want to let you know that you don ’t need to worry about being blocked with this title. That ’s right, you ’ve got enough to worry about with all of those tricky opponents trying to take you out! Whether you are taking a break at school, the library or any other public computer, no game blocker will hold this paper io unblocked game back because you can simply play it in your browser. You can play anytime, anywhere, and with anyone a;ndash; that ’s the best part about the around-the-clock online functionality of this awesome game. It never sleeps! Whenever you ’re ready to hop on, just open up a web browser and start building your base.

Tips for Becoming a Paper io Champion

If it were as easy as simply dashing outside of your base for a moment and coming back to add pieces on, Paper io. wouldn ’t be nearly as exciting. Thanks to an endless supply of real enemies competing for your space, though, you have to use a number of different strategies to do two very essential things. Step number one: stay alive. Step number two: take out your competition! There are many ways to do both of these, and the methods you choose depend on your play style. Do you like to barrel headfirst into danger, or do you prefer to silently outscore your opponents from a distance? A real Paper Io games champion knows how to balance offense and defense to achieve complete dominance. Let ’s take a look at some of the most important tips for keeping you ahead.

Take Small Bites

What we mean by this is, don ’t go too far from your home base a;ndash; especially if you can see enemies in your area. Take smaller “bites ” by creating smaller shapes and returning to your base often. You will still earn consistent points, and if an enemy ’s area is nearby, you can still take small chunks out of the competition. Why is this technique important? Well, when you aren ’t in your home base, nearby enemies can crash into your tail and kill you! If you stay close enough to your base, you can quickly take shelter when you see them coming. You can even use this as a trap, luring them into your base. Once they ’re inside, a collision will prove deadly for them, while you ’ll scoot away unscathed.

Look for Enemy Lines

While you ’re out in “neutral areas ” (white paper that hasn ’t been conquered yet), you may see someone else ’s tail. As long as you don ’t see the character themselves, try to ram that tail as quickly as you can. If you succeed, you ’ll land yourself a kill and a bunch of bonus points while wiping a competitor off of the board! What makes the perfect kill even more satisfying is the fun animation that paper .io uses, in which the player ’s tail and base area shatter into hundreds of tiny pieces. After taking someone out, it ’s also a great idea to head to where their base used to be and gobble up all of that space. Just remember not to get too confident, because there are opponents around you at all times.

Double Your Points!

Well, kind of. Here ’s what we mean. If you ’re a couple percent behind a competitor, and you want to catch up to them quickly, you can use this technique to close the gap much faster than normal. Here ’s what you do: carefully look around until you find the enemy ’s color. Build your base closer and closer to that color until you are touching. Then, take small bites out of the opponent ’s area while being careful to avoid them. This is our favorite Paper Io strategy because, For every section of your opponent ’s base that you consume, you can catch up to them at double the normal speed. Think about it: If your competitor has 10 percent and you have 8, all you need is 1 percent (not 2) to catch up to them!

Simple, Thrilling and Addictive

After just a few minutes of exploring the Paper Io space, you will understand why so many players across the world jump into this never-ending battle on a daily basis. Well, technically, there is a way to stop each game, but it requires you to be very skilled and a little bit lucky, too. If you follow the above tutorial closely and stay patient, you just may conquer the entire board! That ’s right, we ’re talking 100 percent, nobody left, complete domination. If you put in enough time and effort, you just may see that entire board lit up in your color. How proud a moment it would be for a little scrap of paper that started with nothing.

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