Polar Fall GamePlay:

We ’re Not Talking About Snow

Watching snowflakes peacefully drift toward the ground may be peaceful, but in this Polar Fall game, you play as something much less graceful. If Mr. Bear falls from the sky, it won ’t exactly be peaceful. This endless runner is funny and super addictive, but it can be tricky. Tap to change directions. Zig-zag your way down a maze of cubes, trees, and worst of all, deadly sinkholes! Whatever you do, don ’t fall through the floor.

Tips for a Polar Fall High Score

It ’s not all trouble, though. If you can stay away from the trees and sinkholes long enough in this arcade runner, you might just find a present! These will shuffle the tiles to make the path less dangerous for you. Make it to the next present, and you ’ll get the bonus again. Good luck in Polar Fall, and remember: you don ’t want to look down!

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