Rock Paper Scissors GamePlay:

The popular classic game Rock Paper Scissors is now live with a realistic theme. You can make various 3 symbols that are Rock Paper and Scissors. Each symbol is superior to another.

This one or two-player game reminds you of your childhood. Rock Paper Scissors at ABCya games appeal to any player.

Will you use scissors, punch, or leaf to beat your opponent in Rock Paper Scissors? These three familiar symbols have become the childhood of many players. You win the game and understand the opponent #39;s intentions in this game of ABC ya com. Choose the 2-player mode to challenge your friends on a new journey that any player wants to join.

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This game is also well known as Roshambo. By guessing the opponent #39;s moves, you can beat him/her. The one who reaches 3 score first, wins the game. You can play Rock Paper Scissors game either against CPU or against a friend in 2 PLAYER gaming mode!

How to play: Use JKL to make the final right decision in one or two-player mode of this game

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