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Inspired by, in Silly Snake at, you control your snake slither around the map, eat food and beat other players to become the biggest and longest snake.

Have you ever played Do you love it? If it rsquo;s one of your favorite games, then you can rsquo;t miss Silly Snakes - a great dupe version of the original one. It rsquo;s the arena of life and death where you have to compete with many players around the world for glory in the leaderboard. The objective of everyone is to grow the snake into the biggest and longest and conquer the arena by eating as many glowing dots as possible.

Here at ABCya com, you not only focus on eating, but also need to avoid other snakes slithering around the map. Why you have to do that? Well, if your head touches the body of other snakes, you explode into dots that the others can happily enjoy it. When you get long enough, you can use your body to trap other smaller opponents to kill them. Use this strategy wisely and watch out the others because they will do the same to you. When you are in that situation, you can speed up to escape immediately. The more you eat, the higher your ranking will be at ABCyacom games.

In the arena, when you eat something look like the noodle, you will boost your speed for a while. Make use of that time to collect food quicker. In the beginning, the game even allows you to customize your snake rsquo;s look with various skins and emotions. Choose the one you love and let rsquo;s start the survival battle. Climb to the top of the leaderboard and become the king of the snake. Play other cool games at nbsp; nbsp;such as nbsp; online

How to play: TouchMouse to direct your snake


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