Snow Drift GamePlay:

Let ’s Go Nuts with Donuts!

Prepare for drifting like you ’ve never seen it before with Snow Drift unblocked, the arena-based car game that will challenge your driving skills in a totally new way. Each level of this online game gets a little tougher. You start in the middle, and you have to slip and slide your way through the snowy patches in this arena without crashing into any of the four walls. Knock out all the snow, and you ’re on to the next!

A New Surprise with Every Snow Drift Level

You might be tempted to get cocky after that first level, but rest assured, it won ’t be an empty arena for long. Just wait until those extra walls and towers start popping up! Even harder, sometimes that snow is shoved in the corner, meaning you have to drift in and out of it without so much as nicking the walls. If you can tough it out for a few levels in this free to play game, you just might earn yourself some sweet new rides. Let ’s see your Snow Drift skills!

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