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It ’s King of the Mountain, Snowball Style! is much more than your typical after-school snow scrap. This game takes your favorite snow day activity, the snowball fight, to the next level with crazy online action! The idea is simple: every player sleds around while building snowballs to throw at their opponents. When a snowball connects with a player, that player will go flying, and if they fly all the way off the snow mound, they lose! The last sled standing a;ndash; er, sledding, wins. Are you ready for a showdown? Tips for Success

Just like a real snowball fight, you could just rush in there and start blindly hurling frosty orbs at your opponents. Sure, you might get a kill or two, but this method won ’t likely land you the coveted first place position. If you want to be the best at this game, then you ’ll have to employ at least a little strategy to stay alive and knock out the competition. Don ’t worry, it ’s still a fun way to play the game. Ready for our list of insider tips? Let ’s roll into it.

Stay Central

Just because you get hit by a snowball, doesn ’t mean you are automatically out. You ’ll go flying through the air, sure, but if you can manage to land back on the snow mound (and not in the icy water a;ndash; brrr!), then you ’re still in the game! Since this is the case, you will definitely want to stay as close to the middle of the arena as you can at all times. This way, it ’s less likely you ’ll get launched all the way off the map, make sense?

Boulders, Not Pebbles

The longer you sled, the bigger your snowball becomes. The bigger your snowball is, the farther it will make your opponents fly! For this reason, we suggest that you wait until your snowball is realllly big before you decide to hurl it at an opponent. This will make sure that they get knocked out, no matter where they are on the stage. There ’s no point to hitting someone if they ’re just going to survive and come back, so be patient and keep rolling!

Spin the Wheel!

Whenever you see a chance to spin the wheel, you should definitely take it. This will allow you some extra experience points, or maybe even a second chance to win a game after being knocked out. What ’s more, you can use some of the loot you get from spinning the wheel to unlock awesome new skins! We won ’t give too much away, but let ’s just say that you ’ll have plenty of cool characters to hit the snowy battlefield with. That ’s about all you need to know as far as the pro tips are concerned, so congratulations, you ’re ready for a melee!

Ready for More Multiplayer Madness?

There ’s nothing more satisfying than rolling an absolutely massive snowball, hurling it at an unsuspecting enemy, and watching them soar out of the gameplay area. When you ’ve proven yourself king of the Snowball. io mountain beyond a shred of doubt, however, then we invite you to take your arena-fighting skills to the next level with our .Io games category . That ’s right, is just the beginning. Right now, there are hundreds of online battles raging with players from all over the world. Let ’s go!

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