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Who Says Goalies Can ’t Score?

They ’re often called the most important players on the pitch, and in, that couldn ’t be more obvious. The goalkeeper is the heart of the team, and in this game, he ’s the whole team. Here ’s the other “kicker ”: there are four teams battling at the same time! That ’s right, four goals, four goalkeepers, and at least two balls in play at all time. You have two jobs. Job number one is to score on other players. Job number two is to not get scored on. Let four goals in, and you ’re out! Be the last goalkeeper standing, and you win. Is a Footballer ’s Fantasy!

We love this game because it ’s simple and straightforward, yet you can use a lot of tricky techniques to keep your opponents guessing. Dash across the face of the goal to send one flying towards your neighbor, or crack a soccer ball dead ahead at the goalie across the way. Whatever you do, just don ’t let a;lsquo;em sneak past you. And if you want to play the rest of the positions, give our soccer games category a try! Ready to dominate the field? Lace up those cleats and jump into a game!

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