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These Heroes Have Gone Rogue!

In, we discover the answer to the question, “What do superheroes do once all the villains have been defeated? ” Well, they have to keep their skills sharp, so they hop into an arena and brutally smash each other! In this hard-hitting, free-for-all arena, you ’ll have the chance to play as up to thirty legendary heroes, each with their own cool look and melee weapon. Run around and gobble up orbs to increase your score and level up to new heroes. You ’re not alone in this unblocked game, of course, so keep your head on a swivel. Once you encounter another hero, whack a;lsquo;em! If you time it just right and land the kill, you ’ll get a nice pop of points for your trouble. The more times you level up, the bigger your weapon becomes! That ’s not the only way to beef up your chances of winning, however.

Dominate the Arena with Upgrades

Just like when you ’re protecting the earth from evildoers, every extra ounce of strength and speed that you can muster could make the difference between life and death in this online game. For that reason, make sure to stay alive as long as you can and earn as many coins as possible. Look for chances to double your earnings or earn more coins per kill, because those will help a lot. What do you spend your shiny loot on? How about increasing your movement speed, attack speed, and attack distance? Sounds pretty useful, right hero? If you want to get there, you ’ll have to take a few knocks and keep moving forward, because that ’s what heroes do. Well, heroes don ’t typically smash each other, but this is an exception. When you ’re ready for more awesome .io games , you can battle people from all over the world in our .Io category! For now, we ’ll look for your shield on the battlefield.

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