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The Rope is Old Hat a;ndash; Try a Table!

Anybody can wrap their digits around an old rope and yank it across the center line, but in Table Tug, you ’ve got something much heavier to work with. That ’s right, you and your opponent are going head to head to drag, pull and yank that four-legged piece of furniture to your side, and anything goes. Tap or click rapidly to pull as hard as you can. Jump, squirm and wriggle so that table bucks like a bronco, hopefully slipping out of your opponent ’s grip! You have three rounds to prove your Tug a Table skills, so be unpredictable. Speaking of unpredictable, this Tug a Table game will throw some surprises of its own at you. Low gravity? Heavy balls falling from the sky and landing on the table? Oh yeah, it ’s a thing.

Tug a Table Unblocked

In Tug the Table online, you get matched up with real opponents from all over the world! You can ’t take your table tugging skills to the global stage, however, if the game is blocked at your school. That ’s why we have offered the Tug a Table unblocked version. No need to worry about pesky game blockers here, because you can play this Table Tug free game unblocked at school! That ’s more time to practice your skills, learn the game and even earn some pretty sweet unlocks a;hellip;

Tug Your Way Through the Character List

We love Table Tug because it ’s one of those simple, yet competitive games that gives you plenty of reasons to keep playing. First and foremost, you ’ll want to sharpen your skills so you can win more, but also, this Table Tug game gives you something else to shoot for. With each “gripping ” victory, you will earn some cash to spend towards unlocking a new cast of heroes. Well, some of them aren ’t exactly “heroes, ” but you ’ll see what we mean. Keep winning, pocket that cash, and head your way to the character list to find someone new to play as. The first couple characters only cost a few wins, but if you want to make your way all the way through, you ’ll need to build a serious winning streak! Hope your hand doesn ’t cramp up, because you ’ll be tapping and clicking furiously for hours on end. Speaking of clicking a;hellip;

Not Done Clicking? Check These Out!

This Tug the Table unblocked game is a great way to break into the genre that is clicker games. Once you ’ve really cranked up your clicking speed and won a lot of matches, why not take your skills on the road? We have a whole category of games dedicated to clicking that you will definitely want to check out. Whether it ’s taking out bad guys, escaping danger, showing off your athletic ability or whatever else, clicking games are all about one thing: speed. Will you be fast enough to Tug the Table and breeze through our clicking games category? We ’ll just have to see what those flying fingertips can do, speedy.

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