Total Recoil GamePlay:

The day has come and robots are taking over the world You command a team of heroes that have infiltrated RoboCorps evil factory ready to strike backArmed with your amazing agility and powerful gunfire you will need to defeat wave after wave of hostile robots and make your way through levels of explosive actionCollect coins to buy new charactersOld Rick Our experienced leader ready to do some serious recyclingMad Clark The nononsense hardboiled veteran commandoJohnny B He might be a rookie but with the right gun you can be sure he will manageRed ONeal Our demolition expert with an explosive temperT McKein If someone knows how to deal with malfunctioning technology its McKlein our military engineerMichelle Even as a trained martial artist she is not too shy to use big gunsSpec Ops An anonymous specialist in unconventional warfare mysterious and deadlyDiscover new weapons and find out which one fits your playing styleTest your skills in the unlockable endless Survival ModeAn actionpacked highlyaddictive challenge


Use Arrow LeftRight to firejump Tap LeftRight Side to firejump

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