Vampires and Garlic GamePlay:

Phew, What ’s That Smell?

No, it ’s not Grandma ’s famous mashed potatoes, that pungent odor your nostrils are picking up is the smell of sweet vengeance in this Vampire and Garlic online game. After learning that vampires have invaded his area, our hero decided to arm himself with clove after clove of garlic to take them out. For each level of this unblocked game, your job is to hurl cloves at vampires to defeat them. Get them close enough, and the vamps will be vanquished! The fewer cloves you throw on each level, the more stars you will earn.

Vampires and Garlic Don ’t Mix!

Just because we support your cause, we ’re going to give you a hint for free. Everyone knows you can repel a vampire by placing garlic near them, but in this free to play game, there ’s a more forceful tack available to you. See that power meter? Fill it all the way up and angle your throw right at those fanged invaders ’ heads! If you can topple them over, they just might fall down a steep cliff. Ready to conquer these blood suckers? Then Vampires and Garlic it is!

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