Vex 3 GamePlay:

A tiny stickman surrounded by hundreds of platforms. It 's a maze full of obstacles like saws and spikes, water pools, trampolines, and even ziplines. Get from start to finish, that sounds easy enough! But is it as easy as it sounds? Definitely not.

Wiggle your way through the game

Let 's start with the basics: you will use your keyboard to play Vex 3. You can either use the arrow keys or WASD to move, jump and crouch. Those are all the keys you will use, but you will also need to know how to use them to master all the objects in the game. For example, you have to press the down key to move an object out of your way, or the up key to swim. To slide underneath spikes or a saw, you must run at first and then press the down key. Thankfully, to make your gameplay a bit easier, the game will give you guidelines on how to use every new object that comes into the game as soon as you approach it, so just look out for directions!

Many difficult levels waiting for you

The game is split into Acts. You start in the main game course but as you move along you will see Acts that you can enter. The Acts, of course, get harder and harder to complete, so challenge yourself - how far can you go?

This is part three of the Vex journey

If you enjoy this game, we are almost completely sure that you will like these, too. As the title of Vex 3 already tells you - this is the third game in the Vex series. You can check out the sequels of this game, the fun and challenging Vex 4 game and Vex 5 , both available on our website to play for free.

What else is there?

Vex 3 game is a pretty hard game to beat if we are honest. If you like to overcome difficulties and don 't get easily frustrated when you have to try again and again, check out our collection of hard games that we have here at Kiloo .


Vex 3 the game was developed by Agame.

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