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It ’s an Underground Rumble!

Who knew that worms could be so vicious? We thought they just dug tunnels and relaxed underground all day, but in Wormroyale, you get to see the truth. This worm io game drops you right in the middle of a fearsome battle of up to 65 cutthroat competitors! Get a feel for the game board before the match, because you ’ll have a little time. Then, you ’ll hatch from your egg and take off in search of food. The more you eat, the longer you grow. Take out enemies, and beware a;ndash; the circular map is constantly shrinking, bringing you all closer together! A collision is bound to happen sometime. Just hope that you ’re the bigger of the two worms when it does happen, or else you ’re bird food!

Something Old, Something New

Our favorite part about this game is the combination of classic arcade action with fun, modern twists. This worms ios free game brings back fond memories of arcade classics from the 80s. Wriggle around, eat food, score points and get bigger. We ’re all used to this format, but when this wormate io unblocked game came in, it blew us all away with multiplayer capability and royale-style gameplay. What ’s more, the ability to suck up orbs without crawling right over them lets you grow as long as a semi-truck in just a few seconds! You better keep eating, too, so you can take out the competition by colliding with smaller enemies. Every time you take out a worm, you ’re rewarded with an explosion of orbs. Eat up, big guy.

There ’s More Than One Way to Worm

Not only can you try on different skins in this worm io unblocked game, but you can customize your wormy warrior on top of it! This will allow you to wriggle into battle with your very own personalized war paint on. First, select your skin. You can be a standard worm, a slug, or even something otherworldly. Then, choose your main and stripe colors to add even more of a personal touch. Since this battle takes place on a global stage, you can even choose your country ’s flag! No matter how cool you look, though, you ’ll never see your flag wave victoriously over a bloodied battlefield without learning some basic combat tips first. Let us recommend a couple of strategies we picked up after several fun hours of mayhem.

How to Wriggle Your Way to the Top in Wormroyale

Want to be the last worm standing a;ndash; er, crawling? Here ’s how you do it. First and foremost, you need to hold down that boos button for as long as you can. The faster you move, the more food you eat. The more food you eat, the bigger you are, which brings us to our next tip. If you ’re doing a good job eating food, which means you can see yourself in the top of the leaderboard, then you shouldn ’t be afraid of colliding with others, because most of them are smaller than you. If you still need to catch up, stay away from the competition and gobble up as much food as you can. Good luck down there, buddy. Keep your mouth open and your head on a swivel!

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