Zombie Massacre GamePlay:

They Think They ’re Hunting You a;ndash; How Cute!

Most of the people these ugly green zombies have infected weren ’t ready for a Zombie Massacre, but you are. In fact, you ’ve traveled to that land of the living dead to hunt every last one of these horrid creatures down! Grab a club, an axe, or whatever else you can find and unleash your firepower on as many zombies as you can. The more you kill, the better your chances of survival in this fighting game.

Take Part in a Ruthless Zombie Massacre

We love this game because it gives you so much to work towards as the story progresses. With each level, you will earn loot to unlock upgrades, weapons, and other bonuses to help you slay those zombies. You ’ll earn achievements as you keep fighting, so make sure you stay alive so that you can achieve zombie-killing glory! It ’s time to drop some bodies in this Zombie Massacre game.

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