Backgammon GamePlay:

An Age-Old Classic Comes Straight to Your Screen!

Said to be more than 3,000 years old, the game of Backgammon has seen entire nations come and go, but the rules have stayed the same. This timeless staple is the perfect combination of luck, skill, and judgment. Feel those two dice in your hand? They will decide your fate on the felt battlefield that is this unblocked game. Roll, move your pieces, and make it to the end in this online game.

Backgammon Is All About Strategy

Just because you can ’t control the dice, doesn ’t mean you can ’t use strategy in this free to play favorite. Every move comes with really important decisions. Should you move one piece really far, or let a bunch of pieces move a shorter distance? Should you go straight for your opponent or ignore them? Don ’t worry, after a few playthroughs, you ’ll know exactly what kind of player you are. Ready for some Backgammon online action?

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