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It ’s Not Just Steve..They ’re All Crazy!

Maybe the guy who started this never-ending battle royale was named Steve, but he ’s certainly not in there alone. You can hop into this Crazy Steve io game at any given moment, in fact, and you will find dozens of rivals looking to shoot, stab, trample and even blow you up! It ’s constant mayhem in the arena, so you have to watch your back at all times. Name your player, choose a skin, and hop in. Swing a sword, sling dynamite at your opponents, and unlock all kinds of weapon upgrades. However you do it, the idea is very simple: run around and kill everything! You know what ’s also very helpful in Crazy Steve io? Not dying, of course!

Load Up on Crazy Steve io Points, Power-Ups and Protection

One thing we love about this game is the extremely high “item drop ” rate, meaning that the entire gameboard is littered with all kinds of bonuses, weapons, tokens and even allies. You start with some nice TNT, but if you ’re lucky enough, you can find some serious weapon upgrades on the battlefield to hurl at your opponents. Grab apples and diamonds to level up, earn points and restore your health (apples), but be careful, there ’s a drawback once you get far enough a;hellip; What ’s more, you can even hop on animals for a speed, weapon and health boosts. Finally, you can use helmets and carts in Crazy Steve to protect yourself from enemy attacks for a short while.

Real Enemies Plus Computer Enemies Plus Bosses!

There is definitely no shortage of things to shoot at, bludgeon and blow up in this Crazy Steve unblocked game. As you run around like a madman, you ’ll find real opponents, henchmen, and humongous bosses to battle! You have to be careful who you choose to tango with, though, because you never know what kind of gear somebody has or what level they are. If you think you can take them, then don ’t let up until they ’re dead! Each kill will create an explosion of diamonds, apples or other bonuses for you to scoop up so that you can recover your health and hopefully up your firepower. Speaking of, if you ’re going to take on the mega boss, we highly recommend not charging in there with a wooden sword.

It ’s Lonely at the Top

One of our favorite features of Crazy is the funny mechanic they put in place for leveling up. Here ’s the thing: you want to level up so that you can increase your capacity for diamonds and apples, but as you level up, you get bigger and slower. This makes you a prime target for the smaller and quicker players. They know that, if they can manage to bring you down, you will explode in a huge shower of diamonds! If you want to become a Crazy Steve io online champion, then, you have to learn how to fight like a “tank. ” Ready to join the gauntlet? Take a deep breath before you drop into that arena, because it ’s nonstop action from the beginning!

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