Halloween Chess GamePlay:

Halloween Chess Is Phenomenally Frightful!

A haunting melody plays in the background as you slide around these ghastly Halloween Chess game pieces a;ndash; it ’s online chess like you ’ve never seen it before! This unblocked game puts you in charge of an army of ghouls, goblins, and tentacled terrors the likes of which you ’ve never seen before. It ’s a great way to get in the holiday spirit while also working out your brain. Will you rally against the undead or join them?

New Skin, Same Gameplay

They may have changed up the appearance of this free to play game, but the rules are exactly the same. Pawns move one at a time forward, knights move in an “L ” pattern, and so on and so forth. Position your army like a master strategist, take out enemy troops, corner that enemy king and force his ugly mug to surrender! Ready for a supernatural spin on your favorite board game? Then let ’s meet on the Halloween Chess battlefield!

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