D�ner Kebab : salade, tomates, oignons GamePlay:

Ah, It Just Melts in Your Mouth!

There ’s nothing better than a freshly made kabab sandwich, which is exactly what you ’re serving up in this Doner Kebab: Salade, Tomates, Oignons unblocked game. The lunch hour has arrived and your station is ready a;ndash; here come the orders! Review each order carefully and stack the bread, meat, onions, salad, and more as quickly as you can to earn three stars (and money) in this online game. Don ’t forget the sides!

Speed Rules in Doner Kebab: Salade, Tomates, Oignons

If you miss an ingredient here or there, it ’s not the end of the world. You simply won ’t survive this free to play game, however, if you are consistently slow with the orders. We recommend you get really familiar with your station before the shift starts so you can train your “muscle memory ” and get those savory, mouth-watering kebabs out faster! That ’s what Doner Kebab: Salade, Tomates, Oignons is all about a;ndash; speed and deliciousness, baby.

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