Dino King GamePlay:

It ’s the Prehistoric Olympics!

They may not have had football teams or track competitions in the cretaceous period, but in this Dino King unblocked game, you ’re making up your own gory gauntlet of athletic ability. The concept is much simpler than most sports, but the stakes are much higher. Run and jump over spiky plants, jagged rocks, and low-flying pterodactyls. If you get hit, you die! That ’s how things work in this online game, just as it was in those primitive times.

The True Dino King Showers Himself in Trophies

Considering the fact that every step in this free to play game could mean your doom, it ’s only fair that these dinosaurs would receive a ton of trophies. In fact, on our second run, we earned more than 500 trophies! Now that ’s enough gold to be considered kingly, for sure. Each step you take is another piece of glittery hardware, so be proud of what you ’ve accomplished. Besides, Dino King just gets faster and faster until you die anyway!

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