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The Things We Do for Fame a;hellip;

“Viral ” is not enough to describe the meteoric rise in popularity of Dumb Ways to Die, one of the most beloved games to hit mobile devices and computers. This game became so popular so fast, marketing gurus use it as a case study of what to do right! In the case of Dumb Ways to Die, what was done right was the hilarious and sarcastic gameplay, catchy soundtrack, and loyal fan support. It also didn ’t hurt that the creators put the content on YouTube. Speaking of, and this is our absolute favorite fact of all facts, did you know that Dumb Ways to Die was actually based off a 2012 public service announcement sponsored by Melbourne Australia ’s Metro Trains service? Yup, the public service announcement was initially intended to protect people on the railways, but in 2013, the game expanded to allow for other grisly scenarios not involving trains.

How to Play Dumb Ways to Die

Here ’s the easy part: you have literally one job. That job is to not die. Here are the hard parts: you never know what ’s coming next, the game keeps speeding up, and absolutely everything is trying to kill you! In this game, you have to tap, click, and drag your way out of potentially deadly scenarios without so much as a second or two of time to react. Whether it ’s a meteorite heading right for you, a psycho killer lurking in the shadows, or a deep cut that needs to be stitched before you bleed out, everything requires your immediate attention. Each “mini-level ” gives you a prompt, and you have to follow it quickly and accurately to survive. For example, you may see “tap the meteors ” flash across your screen as meteors head right for you. Do what the instructions say, and you just might live long enough to make it to the next stop!

What A Way to Go Out a;hellip;

How do you picture your last day alive? A peaceful evening at home, surrounded by friends and family? Maybe you prefer to just ride off into the sunset and never come back. Well, in these online games, you ’re in for a much less peaceful sendoff. Prepare to be trampled, burned, stabbed, bitten, and who knows what else in Dumb Ways to Die! This free game is made up of several minigames that you only have a couple seconds to play. Your mission? Don ’t die, of course! It may sound easy, but when you ’re shoved into a washing machine or staring down a deadly snake, you ’ll have to be quick and clever to survive.

Survive, Score, and Unlock Your Buddies!

Sure, you may have a deadly disaster waiting for you at every turn, but there ’s good news, too. If you score enough points by surviving these situations, you ’ll earn new characters! You have three lives, and each time you die, you ’ll lose points (as well as a life). Each time you live, you ’ll earn points towards a new character. You ’ll start out with Dunce, but you ’ll soon be joined by Hapless, Bungle, and an entire cast of not-so-smart “heroes. ” Hey, we didn ’t say you ’d be earning some kind of super squad, okay? What your team lacks in brains, they make up for in personality.

Think Those Are Dumb Ways to Die? Check This Out!

This online game is free and totally unblocked, so you ’ll be able to play for hours and hours. When you ’re ready for even more craziness, though, check out Dumb Ways to Die 2 . You ’ll have to scramble your way through an entirely new set of challenges if you want to make it far in this deadly sequel. Our tip for making it through these death traps? First, memorize how each game works. Finally, be ready for anything!

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