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Eg Fidget Spinner Will Melt Your Boredom!

Thanks to this Eg Fidget Spinner online game, you never have to worry about that fidget spinner flying out of your hand and breaking again a;ndash; or getting stolen. What ’s more, you can even measure the amount of times that spinner whizzes around so you can become a real pro! Playing the game is easy, but mastering it is hard. Grab that fidget spinner and swipe as hard as you can. The more you spin, the more you win. Speaking of...

Earn Passive Abilities and Awesome Spinners

Sure, having a record you can brag about is always worthwhile, but this unblocked classic gives you a ton of other incentives to spin and win. Unlock and upgrade passive skills that give you increased maximum spinning speed, longer spins (less friction), and even the ability to earn coins while you ’re offline! Not to mention the awesome spinners as you level up. That ’s all we ’re going to give away for now a;ndash; you ’ll have to give Eg Fidget Spinner online a whirl for yourself to find out the rest.

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