Hit or Knit GamePlay:

Finally, a Bubble Shooter for Cat Lovers!

Get ready to fling balls of yarn like your nine lives depend on it in this Hit or Knit game, a thinking game that tests your speed and matching skill. A long line of multi-colored yarn balls is coiling its way towards the middle of the screen. Throw your own yarn balls to create matching sets of three. Clear all yarn balls before they reach the end to win!

Look Out for Hit or Knit Power-Ups

If you pay close attention, you can help our furry feline friend score more points with power-ups and bonuses. The joker will match any other ball, and the stop time power-up will give you extra time to make matches. If you really want to ace this bubble shooter, shoot all five of the cat tokens for a massive bonus! If you ’re ready for a fun and unique matching game, load up Hit or Knit today.

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