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There ’s Nowhere to Hide Up Here a;hellip;

A true duelist leaves nothing but a clear line of sight between himself and his opponent, just like in this Rooftop Snipers game. There ’s no cover, no map to run around and hide in, and no teammates to bail you out. It ’s you, your gun, and the enemy. Well, there may or may not be blimps, huge beach balls, and innocent civilians in the way, but we ’ll talk about that later. For now, let ’s just go over how to play this free online game. You ’ve got two options: jump and shoot. If you can manage to shoot your opponent off of the roof, you score a point!

Enjoy Hilarious Mechanics in Rooftop Snipers

Even though a gunfight to the death doesn ’t seem that funny, we can ’t help but chuckle our way through this unblocked Rooftop Snipers game, and we ’re sure you will too. Why? Because the physics are just so a;hellip;goofy! You and your opponent are bouncing up and down like jumping beans while your shooting arm rotates like a windmill, constantly missing until one of you scores a hit. After each point, you ’re sure to come across a few surprises as well. Let ’s cover these side-splitting features in more detail, shall we?

Whacky Aiming System

See, in this unblocked game, aiming and firing is a lot more complex than just “point and click. ” Instead, your character starts with their gun pointed towards the ground, and you have to hold the fire button down, which will make their arm quickly raise up. Time your release just right, and you ’ll fire a shot at your opponent. Trust us, you ’ll be sending plenty of bullets into that rooftop and the sky.

Flip and Fly Around

Whether you get shot or not, the movement system in this online game is nothing short of comical. Sometimes, the kick from your gun is so strong that it sends you into a tumble. If you ’re like us, you might try jumping as a way to come out of it, but that just makes you tumble father. We ’ve even fallen off the roof without being shot, which is super funny! If you think that ’s silly, just wait until stuff starts falling from the sky.

Are Those a;hellip;Civilians?

Remember how we mentioned beach balls and civilians and stuff? Well, every so often, the game will throw you a curveball. The first time it happens, you ’ll be shocked and confused, but then it ’s really funny. Watch as civilians, beach balls, and even blimps enter the arena, getting in the way of your shot. Here ’s the ultimate question: do you have the heart to shoot a civilian at your opponent? If you ’re too nice to do this, you just might meet the same fate yourself.

Trigger Finger Still Itching? Try These!

Rooftop Snipers is an afternoon in itself a;ndash; trust us. But once you ’ve watched that opponent of yours go flipping off the roof enough times, you might be thirsting for a new challenge. No worries, we ’ve got your back. If it ’s the gunplay that you ’re after, then we have more than enough firepower waiting for you in our shooting games category. If you couldn ’t get enough of how these players flipped and flopped around, then it ’s definitely ragdoll games that you want. Love them both? Well, that ’s why we brought Rooftop Snipers to the party!

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