Kids and Cat Differences GamePlay:

Kids and Cat Differences Is for Eagle-Eyed Experts Only

Even the tiniest “smudge ” might be worth checking out in this Kids and Cat Differences online game, because some of these differences are super hard to spot! Two pictures are in front of you, and at first glance, they look totally identical. It ’s your job to find each tiny little difference and put a big red circle around it. Each online level has a certain amount that you need to find, so don ’t stop at just one or two! There may be more than you think.

The Clock ’s Ticking!

The addition of a time limit in this free to play game has totally transformed it from a relaxed boredom crusher to a nail-biting buzzer beater for the ages! It may be stressful at first, but we love the adrenaline boost that comes with being on the clock. It ’s not a very merciful limit, either. Sometimes, you ’ll have to find 5+ differences in less than a minute! Keep your eyes peeled and comb every whisker with your sharp gaze, because Kids and Cat Differences is a serious challenge.

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