Zombies vs Halloween GamePlay:

It ’s Only the End If You Give Up

Survival is not for the weak in this Zombies vs Halloween game, which puts you right in the middle of a nasty undead takeover! Whether it ’s clubs, axes, guns, or even a pumpkin, you ’re going to use whatever you can find to take out as many of these baddies as you can. Find survivors, kill zombies, and last for as long as you can in this seasonal fighting game.

Gear Up for Survival in Zombies vs Halloween

Once you save enough friends, kill enough zombies and collect enough loot, you ’ll be able to get some serious firepower. The zombie invasion will keep coming, so you ’ve got to be ready to take anyone and everyone on. Find something big and shiny that goes boom, stock up on medkits and adrenaline boosters, and show them why they shouldn ’t have messed with you in Zombies vs Halloween!

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