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It ’s a Serpentine Showdown of Epic Proportions!

Surely you ’ve played the arcade classic Snake before, but in Classic, you ’re in for a seriously revamped experience. First and foremost, we absolutely love how this game integrated online play into the equation. Now, the walls (and your own tail) aren ’t you only enemy, the other snakes are, too! That ’s right, while you ’re gobbling up all those energy orbs and growing into a humongous serpent, your competitors on the leaderboard are as well. Better stay away a;hellip;

Classic Is Full of Surprises

On the one hand, this unblocked game is every bit as fun and original as the classic version. You steer your blocky snake around a square arena, gobbling up “mice ” to grow larger. As mentioned, though, you now have to make sure not to run into the tails of other snakes, or else you are out of the game. Even beyond that, there are tons of cool features that make this online game a totally different experience. Let ’s take a look.


Wouldn ’t it be nice if the mice just came to you? Well, if you can belly-crawl your way over to a magnet, that ’s just what will happen! We love this power-up because it helps you grow way faster and catch up to your competition. Speaking of fast, you can also look for the lightning bolt power-up to increase your speed so you can seek out more mice on your own. Finally, the shield power-up is great because it allows you to pass through other snakes without a problem. Keep your creepy snake-eyes peeled for these helpful bonuses!


Fancy boots and purses aren ’t the only opportunities to show off pretty snake skins. In Classic Snake .io, like lots of other Super Snake .io games, you can choose which color you ’d like to snake to be from the very beginning. It ’s not hidden behind any milestones, so you can customize your character right from the very start. Try all the skins out and see which one you like the best. We love it!

No Self-Destruct?

You know, this little trick wasn ’t obvious to us for a very long time, but when we found it, it totally changed everything. In classic snake, the arcade original that came out decades ago, you couldn ’t run into your own tail. So, if you ’re like us, you might just avoid your own tail out of habit when playing this newer unblocked version of the game. The thing is, though, you can pass right through your own tail without a problem! Isn ’t that cool? It helps you to avoid bad guys and catch food easier, so make sure to take advantage of this trick.

Slither On, Friends

This game is literally endless, so we totally get it if you are glued to the screen for hours at a time. If you would like to pepper in a little variety while staying within the classic snake genre, though, we have a treat for you! That ’s right, we have an online category of snake games just brimming with content. There are variations on the classic, just like this game, and totally out-there titles as well. Let ’s start with Classic and then slither our way through the whole category, what do you think?

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