Motor Rush GamePlay:

Attack on traffic attack racer with kick, punch, axe, bat or pistol to deviate their attention from crazy race in this Extreme fast race: riding game.Avoid from the opponent attacks and hit your opponent before he will attack you. Avoid from the hurdles and obstacles which are found on the highway. If you strike with those hurdles or obstacles then game will over.

Break all your limits when participating in this game to find you the highest speed. Let #39;s enjoy the fascinating driving game Motor Rush at ABCya com.

Combine driving and being able to punch or kick your enemies to get yourself a high score in the game Motor Rush at ABCyacom games. Hurry up, many interesting things are waiting for you in front of the challenge. Attack other rival racers by bringing and using ax weapons or pistols to be able to distract all the enemies.

How many enemies can you conquer? This depends on your wisdom. First, you need to drive steady and boring with all the roadside obstacles. Focus on the road ahead and drive it with excellence. Drive fast and rush forward performing risky concepts. Then rush to hit the enemies and knock them down from your attack. Then you can win and get yourself a high score.

How many more challenges can you overcome? After the number of enemies, the roads are steep and the treasures ahead are waiting for you to collect. Don #39;t drive too fast if you #39;re not sure you can react in time to avoid a collision. Make your way above all the zigzag roads to finish the race with a mysterious treasure.

Unlock more to be able to buy more weapons and faster motorbikes. Avoid enemy attacks and deadly traps. Whether you can master this playground or not depends on your car control skills. Don #39;t forget to share this game Motor Rush at on this with all your friends to experience a sense of adventure. Combine lots of action explore a few other similar game genres like Moto X3M Bike Race Game nbsp;Moto X3M Pool Party nbsp;at ABCya 3!


Use arrow keys to control your character to the destination safely.

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