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Fidget Spinners, but Multiplayer??

Whoever said that fidget spinners couldn ’t be adapted into a multiplayer game is sure holding their tongue now, thanks to this online game. Not only can you roam around an arena with other spinners who are actually real people, you can even battle them! The objective is simple: grab the most orbs and become the big man on campus. How, you ask? Well, that ’s where the fun part comes in. Is all About Momentum

In this unblocked game, you spin faster and grow in size by collecting glowing orbs. You should constantly be looking for them, because the faster you spin (and bigger you are), the more likely you are to win collisions against other players. See someone coming at you with a lower score? Ram ’em! See a huge enemy approaching? Dash the other way! From the very start, you can trick out your spinner with different designs, flags, and even a custom name. What are you waiting for, warrior? Let ’s jump into the arena and cause some trouble!

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