Trollface Quest Horror GamePlay:

Trollface Quest Horror Is a Derpy Fright Fest!

It ’s quirky, it ’s scary, and honestly, Trollface Quest Horror unblocked is kinda hilarious a;ndash; if you ’re into dark humor, that is! Each level of this free game drops you right in the middle of a tense, terrible scene. In almost every case, you ’re staring into the eyes of a sadistic killer, and you have to find a way out of the situation. Click around to use your environment, your enemy, and your own character to get out of the ordeal. Warning: this online game is not for the easily disturbed!

No Two Levels Are the Same

Every time we play this game, we forget how good it is at keeping you guessing. Every level is like a game in itself. You don ’t just load up a gun and shoot all your problems away, you have to find creative solutions in your environment to either scare, kill, or otherwise incapacitate the monster. Be fearless and creative, and you just might get out of Trollface Quest Horror alive!

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